Ultimate Brewing Championship

Cape Fear Craft Beer Week starts on Friday, March 23rd when Cape Fear area breweries will go head-to-head in the 2nd annual Ultimate Brewing Championship. This will be the official Cape Fear Craft Beer Week kickoff party.
So what is this Royal Rumble all about? Are we going to see John Savard and Jim Deaton throw down in an epic battle? Will we finally get to see Mike Barlas send a message to nemesis Aaron Skiles? Will Laren “The Beer Wizard” Avery take out newcomer Zac “Not in a Band” Brown?
Brewers from the participating local breweries gathered to select their ingredients for a unique and special brew. How would you feel about a beer made with blueberries and basil ? Or sea salt and cucumbers ? What about Texas Pete? Each brewery drew for one of the NC ingredient combinations. The results will be kept secret until the event when there will be a blind tasting to crown The Ultimate Brewing Champion on March 23rd.

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2018 UBC Ingredient Pairings

Grits & Maple syrup
Blueberry & peppercorn
Seasalt & agave
Figs & Molasses
Raspberry & Hibiscus
Bacon & Sweet Potato
Ginger & Peaches
Honey & Cactus
Basil & Melon
Rhudabega & Vanilla
Chocolate & Carolina Reapers
Jimmy Red corn & chipotle
oysters & coffee